For our commercial clients we assist you in every aspect of your needs whether it's looking at potential spaces
or modifying your existing space.  Our team can survey potential spaces, design the space (or space plan for
established retailers), produce construction documents in conjunction with your architect or structural engineer
and provide construction administration services.  A good work space that reinforces your corporate culture and
meets your needs helps your company succeed.  You don't want an environment that is uncomfortable or
inefficient.  The workspace should be inspiring and  efficient so that you and your staff can go about the day
focusing on building your business.
Building Design and Interior Design
At Sansom Zito we find it hard to think of just the inside or just the outside.  We tend to accept projects that have
a holistic approach looking at the building as a whole vs. parts.   Having a master plan to accomplish your
design goals allows you to make the most of your construction and design dollars.  

Sansom Zito works closely with residential clients to find out what makes you happy at home.  What is it that you
love?  How do you use your space?  What is important to you?  All of this information provides a picture of who
you are that we distill to create a space that says, “This is me!”  We offer complete design services for your
home whether it is a new house design you need or making your existing home work better for you.  Analyzing
what works and doesn't work in your existing home sounds like an awesome task but we have developed key
questions to assist you in communicating your ideas.  We use these two tools to establish the goals for the
project and create a visual display that is used throughout the design process.

We work with you in any capacity you desire whether it's just selecting a sofa and some paint colors, furnishing
an entire home or designing your new home.  The services we offer for new construction, additions, and
remodels include pre-design services such as documenting the existing building and programming, as well as
space planning, conceptual and schematic design, design development, construction documentation and
construction administration.  We will also work with your architect or structural engineer or can refer one to you
for permitting and structural documentation as needed for your project.  The goal is to have a team that is
looking at the project as a whole vs. parts.  
Project Management
Project management is what gets the job done.  We can fill the void if this is lacking on your current project.  With
18 years of managing projects of all size, types and budgets, we have several methods for building consensus
amongst your design and construction teams to keep your project moving forward.
Want to do-it-yourself but need a little guidance?  We can help you develop your ideas and plans.  Available at an
hourly charge, we can help with the permit process, advising on when to hire a general contractor, sourcing
supplies, finding that perfect chair or getting it made.  
Design Consultation
Commercial Interior Design
A home is a personal expression of you.  
An office is the embodiment of a company's identity.  
                                                    Either way it is important that the voice be true.
SansomZito offers a variety of design services to meet your needs.  We can provide you with
full design services for new construction and major remodels including construction
documentation, contractor selection assistance, and full interior design services for kitchen
and bath cabinetry, furniture and lighting specification and window treatments.  

Budgets are a fact of life no matter how large or how small.  We will help you maximize your
design dollars so that you can achieve the space that you desire whether it be at home or at
work and plan it so you can do it all at once or over time.  Contact us for a meeting to
discuss your project goals and needs and we can help you put together the best plan.
Music by Rob Sansom, copyright 2007
Home Management
Our newest service is Home Management.  Designed for  the busy professional or second home owners, we
can help you with getting your home "guest ready", coordinating repairs while you are at work or away, or
assisting you with your entertaining needs.  SansomZito not only creates beautiful places but we now help you to
maintain and, most importantly, enjoy your home!  Call us for additional details or to discuss a need.
Event Planning and Design
Who doesn't love a good party!  Let us help you with your event.  Small or large, we'll design the event, the menu
and pull the team together to make it all happen.  Box lunch or multi-course wine paired dinner, it's fun to
celebrate the ordinary and the special.