Case Study 1
This house was the perfect size for the family of four but it wasn't functioning to its full potential.  
A mishmash of additions had been made to the house over the years and the general flow of
traffic throughout the space was creating a chaotic feel.  Furniture that was too small in some
places and too large in others was also not helping the family make the most of their time
together.  Small changes were made throughout  that have had a big impact.  The space is still
in progress with regards to some of the furnishings but the plan has been laid and the size, type
of furniture and location have been specified so that as the client's budget allows they can
furnish their home.
How much space is enough?  There is no cookie cutter answer...
          you are individual in your needs.  It's not about square footage  
                                                                              it's about making every inch work for
Family Room to Kitchen
The opening between these two rooms was
narrow.  During parties or just when the kids
were watching a basketball game, it felt cut off
and isolated.
Family Room to Kitchen
By enlarging the opening it has created a more inviting and
inclusive feel to the space.  New furnishings, a dedicated family
computer nook make this family room a great place to gather
Kitchen Dining Area
The table for this kitchen dining area was
rectangular and too large for the space.  The
family couldn't eat here together comfortably.  
It also impacted the path of travel between the
kitchen and family room.
Kitchen Dining Area
A new smaller round table and built in
banquette (with storage in the seats) provided
a cozy place to eat together or to just have a
cup of coffee.  It is out of the path of travel and
they can pull up an additional chair if needed.
Master Bedroom and Bathroom
The master bedroom was a good size but the
closet and bathroom were one in the same
and you had to walk through the six foot wide
closet to get to the bathroom effectively
reducing all of the closet space to three lineal
feet.  The bathroom was dated and it had an
awkward layout.
Master Bedroom and Bathroom
Custom millwork was added in the Master Bedroom for his
and hers closets along with book shelves for the client's
collection.   The masterbath was reorganized leaving most of
the plumbing where it existed but gutting down to studs to put
in all new finishes and fixtures.
Case Study 2
Originally a single story structure this home had a second story added to it in the 80s creating a mish mash of
fairy tale and clapboard architecture.  There was no sense of entry and the floor plan was awkward for this
family.  The roofs were punctuated with several rusty looking vent pipes and the window styles were
inconsistent.  A two story addition totalling 500 s.f. provided balance to the massing of the structure.  A
prominent entry and front porch provide a welcoming feel.  Consistent detailing and window styles give the
home a single design voice making the house feel like a home.
Music by Rob Sansom, copyright 2007